Lower the cost of your business motor insurance

As you are aware motor insurance costs have risen in recent years. The causes of this are numerous but by being proactive with RK Henshall, we can help lower your cost

RK Henshall have collaborated with an insure-tech provider to further enhance the claims service offered to you.

One of the biggest costs to the insurance industry stems from delayed and incomplete claims reporting.

53% of commercial motor claims are reported by the third parties and not the insured, with the average length of time taken by a commercial policyholder to report a claim being 23 days! 

An incident is a stressful event and in the heat of the moment many drivers forget what they need to do.

Basic information is not gathered and you can spend a huge amount of time trying to collate the information needed by their insurer to enable them to deal with the claim accordingly.

During this time vehicle hire costs incurred by the third party, and billed to yourselves, can soar.  

A recent study carried out by Allianz into Whiplash Claims and the effect delayed reporting has on costs, revealed that when a claim is reported in full immediately the average cost was £5,000. However, when notification of the accident came not from the policy holder but the third party’s solicitor this increased dramatically to £20,000.

We are giving FREE priority access to our software which allows your drivers to report the claim direct to yourselves and our dedicated claims team using just their Smart Phone.

The software prompts the driver to capture the key information and includes a GPS snapshot and guidance on what photographs to take to ensure claims are, submitted and handled promptly and will also help with defending your claim.

If you want to take advantage of this technology at no cost to your business, please let your usual contact at R K Henshall know or contact us below and we can talk you through the next steps.

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