Choosing the right partner for your corporate insurance design and management is an important decision for any business.

Our teams are structured to deliver Insurance solutions that add value to our clients businesses. From the initial contact, our Account Managers will quickly develop a partnership, identifying areas of improvement, benefit and value. This will then be translated into a solution and the start of a working long term relationship. We are fiercely independent and whilst we work with all the leading UK and international insurers, we are not directly associated or aligned with any, which means we will offer impartial advice specifically for your benefit.

Significant events such as fires, floods, accidents and injuries can impact on your business, your reputation and your profitability. We strive to offer the expertise, knowledge, service, speed of response and skill to minimise any disruption to your business. We take an individual view of each client’s requirements and construct an innovative sophisticated programme to cover your specific needs.

"Our clients are our main priority and we take pride in the fact that we create partnerships and friendships with them."

- Phil Cartwright, Commercial Director



If you’re working with affinity partners, or if your business is looking for an insurance proposition, you’ll want to be sure you’re adding real value for your members, clients, partners or franchisees.

If you’re working with affinity partners, or if you’re business looking for an insurance proposition, you’ll want to be sure you’re adding real value for your members, clients, partners or franchisees.

RK Henshall has proven experience and is able to provide branded, dual branded or white label solutions. We bring a fresh approach to insurance affinity solutions. We work our solutions to your needs rather than working your needs to our solutions.

The objective of any affinity scheme is to offer ‘added value’ through differentiation by designing a product, or range of offerings, that are of interest and benefit to members or employees. This can create revenue streams for associations, whilst at the same time improving member loyalty and helping to generate new members. For employers these schemes can support retention and reward strategies. This approach, together with our extensive market access, means we work effectively with all sizes of organisation, from single sector operations to blue chip companies with customers across all business areas.

RK Henshall has proven experience and is able to provide branded, dual branded or white label solutions. Our flexible approach is supported by a quality service which is aimed at maximising the benefit of the scheme whilst carefully protecting, and wherever possible, enhancing your brand image. This includes regular monitoring and policing the service standards of chosen insurer partners and other product providers. Where appropriate, we’ll come up with a new product to suit your particular affinity programme if none currently exists.

We can also provide a range of support services – from marketing to telesales and third party administration – to help you make the most of your affinity partnership.




Specialist Insurance specifically designed for petrol stations and forecourts. Specialists in Hotel, Guest House, Restaurant and Hospitality Insurance. We provide specialist Professional Indemnity Insurance for a wide range of businesses including accountants, actuaries, asbestos surveyors, IT consultants, Health & Safety consultancies and many more. Quote and Buy online. Our team of industry specialists boast many years of experience in the construction sector and can assist in the development of comprehensive insurance programmes. We also have our own exclusive Contractors All Risk Scheme providing outstanding cover at competitive premiums. Our exclusive Quote and Buy scheme provides instant quotes and cover for up to 500 different trades at competitive premiums. Quote and Buy online.



As an independent chartered broker, we believe in offering quality, individual advice to all irrespective of size. We have therefore created a specialist small business unit to provide specialist advice for businesses such as shops, offices, landlords, restaurants, pubs and the like. We understand every business is different and we won’t try to “shoe horn” you into an unsuitable general product. We offer service and advice from qualified and fully trained advisers not call centre operatives.




RK Henshall can support your business to develop a Health & Safety culture, Business Continuity Planning, Fleet Risk Management, with a wide range of resources which can be generic or industry specific and designed exclusively for your business.

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We can arrange practical solutions for all your Health & Safety needs:

  • Risk Management
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Bespoke Consultancy
  • H&S Audits


Solutions for HR & Employment issues. From practical advice to insurance backed cover RK Henshall can provide solutions for your business. Example documents:



Keyman, shareholder and business loan insurance should all be considered to protect your company’s future. You have built a successful company; you have high performing staff, loyal customers and future prospects look encouraging. It now makes sense to ensure against the loss or incapacity of key employees and it is a cost effective means of protecting your business.


Relevant life plans are similar to most other types of life policy except they aim to provide a tax efficient benefit provided by an employer for an employee. There are a number of advantages to arranging relevant life insurance including: The policy premiums paid for by the business are not normally assessable on the employee as a benefit in kind so they are not subject to income tax. This means for a higher-rate taxpayer, the company director can save 49 per cent by paying for their personal insurance via a relevant life plan. For a basic rate taxpayer the saving is still significant at around 36 per cent. The policy premiums paid for by the business are not normally assessable for employer or employee National Insurance contributions. The policy premiums may also be treated as an allowable expense for the employer in calculating their tax liability provided that the local inspector of taxes is satisfied they qualify under the ‘wholly and exclusively’ rules.


Group Life Insurance is a very simple employee benefit paying out if the employee passes away whilst in employment with your organisation. The policy would pay out irrespective of whether death occurs at work or not. For example, it could be as a result of an accident whilst on holiday or as a result of a long term serious illness. Each employee is covered as a multiple of their gross earnings which is determined by the business upon setting up the policy. The structure of the policy is flexible allowing different grades of employees to have different levels of cover.

"The insurance broking market is extremely competitive, what sets us apart is our attention to detail and willingness to assist our clients."

- Phil Cartwright, Commercial Director