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Group private medical insurance

Support the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Your health is your greatest asset.

As a business owner you cannot afford for your health to threaten the success of your business, which makes year-round, thorough healthcare a business necessity. Unfortunately, the overburdened NHS is often restricted from providing comprehensive patient care.

As healthcare needs have continued to grow and evolve, the NHS has been slow to adapt. This has created protracted waiting lists for vital procedures. For this reason, both individuals and businesses have turned to Private Medical Insurance (PMI) to satisfy their health and wellness needs.

What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance provides individuals with a greater degree of flexibility in their care and treatment. Individuals have quicker access to treatments and a wider selection of care environments, specialists and treatment facilities. This type of insurance is capable of supplementing the services and care that the NHS provides, which can benefit both individuals and businesses.

Individual cover

Plans cover a single person but can extend to the entire family. Such plans help business owners ensure that any personal or family medical issues do not affect their businesses. If you are a sole trader, you cannot afford to miss work due to lengthy NHS wait times.

Company paid cover

The Plan requires employers to cover the cost of the policy, and they can vary what sort of covers an individual can have.

Company-paid plans can help reduce absenteeism costs and attract top performers.

Each PMI scheme eliminates risk and provides policy holders with peace of mind


Choice of covers

Standard plans

Less expensive but impose limitations on what can be claimed. Such as outpatients limits, different excesses, predetermined amount of days that can be used for treatment, choice of hospitals etc.

Premier / comprehensive plans

Broadest range of cover and fewest restrictions on how large an amount can be claimed. The policyholder has the option to include often-excluded items, such as: Dental, Optical and Medical Health, Worldwide Travel etc.

RK Henshall understand that key staff being absent from work through illness can have a huge impact on both the business and the individual. That’s why we work with a wide range of providers to offer you private medical insurance (PMI), specially designed for you and your business.

We can offer the perfect combination of our personal service and marked expertise together with a choice of products from a wide range of providers.


Private medical insurance can help your business to avoid the escalating costs associated with staff awaiting treatment on the NHS.

In addition, it serves as a very attractive fringe benefit to both existing employees and potential new staff.

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